Method of Operation

The following activities and discussion would fall under the scope of each export committee:

  • Information about sales and marketing efforts for the export markets, including: activities and opportunities for sales of products, selling strategies, sales, contract and spot pricing, projected demands for products, customary terms of sale, prices and availability of products from competitors for sale, and specifications for products by customers in the export markets.
  • Information about the price, quality, quantity, source, and delivery dates of products available from the Members to export.
  • Information about terms and conditions of contracts for sale in the export markets.
  • Information about expenses specific to exporting to and within the export markets, including without limitation, transportation, trans- or intermodal shipments, insurance, inland freight to port, port storage, commissions, export sales, documentation, financing, customs, duties, and taxes.
  • Information about U.S. and foreign legislation and regulations, including federal marketing order programs, affecting sales for the export markets.
  • Information about export customer credit terms and credit history.