Product Inspection Certification

Red Seal certification assures the buyer that their purchased products were controlled for product quality and consistency throughout the packing process.

Product packed according to quality provisions unique to Red Seal Certification have greater uniformity and are inspected according to customer expectations, which may exceed the USDA standard grade.

These provisions for inspection are to guarantee the quality of product prepared and shipped, and to protect the seller from unwarranted claims of improper deliveries.

Laboratory testing requirements can also be certified to further ensure the safety and quality of products being produced. All lab tests requested to be included as part of the Red Seal Certificate must be analyzed at a DFA of California laboratory and meet specifications applied for.

Quality Requirements

  1. A list of provisions that must be met and are specific to Red Seal Certified products will be as follows:
    • Every individual test in the lot to be certified must meet the specification and grade applied for (averaging rules do not apply)
    • Product must be inspected within 30 days of shipment (re-inspection required if product has not been shipped within 30 days)
    • No rejected segments allowed (re-testing individual samples not allowed)
    • Labeling of each unit must reflect the exact contents being certified
    • Crop year is verified as part of the inspection
    • Positive lot identification (package unit and certificate must match)
    • Red Seal certified products must proudly display the “Red Seal” on their marking
  2. Red Seal Certified products must be certified according to specific “Contract Requirements” that will fully state all conditions of sale to be certified in order to meet the Red Seal Member’s contractual agreements with their customers.
  3. All laboratory analysis test results on the product to be certified must meet customer specifications as mentioned under “Contract Requirements”.