Process Overview

Overview for Processors

  1. Become a DFA Member
  2. Become a qualified Red Seal Member facility
  3. Contact regional DFA office to schedule a Red Seal Commodity inspection
  4. Complete the Inspection Record (IR) application and submit to the Commodity Inspector.
  5. Present the product to be certified to the DFA Commodity inspector.
  6. Commodity Inspector conducts inspection according to contract requirements and Red Seal.
  7. Upon completion of inspection and verification of contract and quality requirements, the approved Red Seal Certificate is mailed to packer to accompany the product shipment.

Overview for Buyers

  1. View list of Red Seal Qualified members
  2. Arrange for Red seal inspection with the packer.
  3. Agree to list “Contract Requirements” through the packer on the Inspection Record (IR) request form.
  4. Packer arranges Red Seal inspection with DFA as requested (see packer steps).
  5. Buyer can be listed as the “Shipper” (if needed) on the RS Certificate.
  6. Obtain the completed RS certificate to accompany the product shipment.