Benefits to Buyers

With the Food Safety Modernization Act coming into effect, food safety and quality products is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The Red Seal Certification program ensures that the processors facility has excellence in food safety and quality. No other third-party product certification in the industry gives the buyer assurances for each shipment of product which includes:

  • Facility food safety certification
  • Product quality certification according to your requirements
  • Product safety/laboratory certification according to your contract and regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to set standards higher than USDA grade standard criteria.
  • Agreed-upon contracts between the buyer and packer for Red Seal certified products are not eligible for arbitration according to the DFA Terms & Conditions.

All of the above factors and results for each shipment lot are listed on a single Red Seal certificate that serves as a complete third-party Certificate of Analysis.

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