Operation Comeback Kid

The Project

California’s agricultural industry has undergone significant changes in the century since our formation, but one thing that should never change is our commitment to serving our members.  We formed Operation Comeback Kid to determine if the services we originally offered are still of value today; we wanted to gain a better understanding of our members’ experience with the association overall, and finally, we wanted to determine if there were areas needing improvement. 

We traveled throughout the state on a listening tour to connect with you and talk about your experience with DFA, Safe Food Alliance, and Safe Food Certifications. We spoke with managers, CEO’s, owners, small companies, big companies, inspectors, supervisors, board members, and even our internal team; all to gain an understanding of the DFA from every perspective.

Our Findings

Our Operation Comeback Kid findings proved interesting and enlightening as you shared the good, the bad and the ugly.  While your support for the DFA was strong, many of you made it clear, we had lost sight of our original vision and allowed a historically beneficial organization to become institutionalized. As a result, the DFA stagnated and that’s not acceptable!  That stops now!

DFA is ready for a comeback.

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