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Fig Export Committee
Prune Export Committee
Walnut Export Committee

Discuss the issues facing your industry, with your industry.

The International Trade Association, as part of the US Department of Commerce, has issued and export trading certificate to DFA of California. Export Trading Companies exist to encourage exports by facilitating the formation and operation of export trading companies, export trade associations, and the expansion of export trade services generally.

The DFA of California Export Trading Company (ETC) provides support services for the Export Trading Company member firms engaged in exporting.

As opportunities in international markets continue to increase, U.S. firms must develop greater expertise to compete in the global market. Congress created the Export Trading Company Act of 1982 (ETCA) to enable U.S. companies to collaborate to reduce export costs, become more efficient through exporting, and compete more effectively in foreign markets.

DFA of California created an Export Trading Company (DFA ETC) in March 2015 to encourage exports by facilitating commodity groups to collaborate and discuss export market opportunities.

Method of Operation

Each Export Committee discusses the following topics and activities:

  • Sales & Marketing – Opportunities for sales of products, selling strategies, contract and spot pricing, projected demands for products, customary terms of sale, and availability of products from competitors.
  • Export Specs – Price, quality, quantity, source, and delivery dates of products available from member companies.
  • Contract Terms & Conditions – Details on industry standard terms and conditions of contracts as well as credit terms and history.
  • Expenses – Transportation, trans- or intermodal shipments, insurance, inland freight to port, port storage, commissions, export sales, documentation, financing, customs, duties, and taxes.
  • Legislation & Regulation – U.S. and foreign legislation and regulations, including federal marketing order programs affecting sales for the export markets.

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