Diamond Foods is the DFA Pinnacle Club Plant of the Year [VIDEO]

We’re excited to announce Diamond Foods as the recipient of the DFA Pinnacle Club  Plant of the Year award. This recognition is reserved for companies that consistently excel in all areas of  food safety and quality, and Diamond Foods has certainly set a remarkable standard for the industry this year.

Diamond Foods has gone above and beyond in all areas of food safety, making them a shining example for others in the industry. This year, they exemplified impeccable food safety standards, an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, and a dedication to excellence.  Our food safety team was particularly impressed by their commitment to fostering an on-site food safety culture through their creative, and comprehensive, training programs that empower every employee to be a food safety leader. 

The award was presented during a late-summer ceremony in Modesto, CA, where Diamond Foods’ leadership team expressed gratitude to their hardworking staff, emphasizing their invaluable contributions. Erin Clem, Director of Food Safety and Quality at Diamond Foods, reflected on the achievement, saying, “When I was building my team in 2021, I thought it would be a five-year goal to be considered for Plant of the Year. The fact that it only took two years is a huge acknowledgment that our leadership team is doing the right things, investing in the right areas, and empowering the right people. I’m not going to lie, when I got the phone call, I jumped up and down a little bit; it was so exciting!”

The DFA Pinnacle Club Plant of the Year Award is given to one company each year that has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to food safety culture, success as a gfsi certified facility, commitment to food safety culture, and excellent audit scores during our unannounced member audits. Diamond Foods’ achievement exemplifies their commitment to these high standards.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Diamond Foods for this well-deserved win. We are proud to have you as a valued member of the DFA.

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