Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does DFA stand for?

    DFA was founded in 1908 as the Dried Fruit Association. Since then, we have transformed into a third-party food safety service organization. We serve our members who grow, handle, pack, and process all kinds of commodities through commodity inspection, Red Seal Program, Export Trading Company, and other member services. We’ve kept the name “DFA” as an homage to our rich history, but the letters themselves no longer carry a specific meaning.

  • Are you a government agency?

    DFA is not a government agency, we are a non-profit trade association. We collaborate and partner with like-minded associations and companies who follow the same strategic vision. DFA highly values our strategic business partners which has worked together to collectively identify and resolve issues critical to our industry’s success.

  • I got sick from eating a food product — can DFA test it for me?

    DFA highly suggests contacting your local public health department such as the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), which can help with investigation and follow-up. DFA also suggests contacting your doctor or going to the emergency room if your illness is severe or persists. Not only will you get the treatment needed, but the CDPH will also be notified and investigate the incident.

  • Do you sell dried fruit, tree nuts, or other commodities?

    DFA does not sell any product, as we are a third-party food safety service organization. If you’re interested in purchasing commodities, consider contacting one of our member companies.